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About Us

Phuel Oil Tools Ltd. Established in 2005 and part of the Habu Holdings Group of Companies since 2008, is based in Aberdeen, Scotland. The company, founded by the two senior Directors, Colin McCracken & Mark McCorry who combined their skills and experience to change the then stagnant Wirleline Pressure Control market by offering high quality innovative products backed up by excellent customer service.

Phuel’s mix of engineering, supply chain management and hands on experience combined with our business model of utilising subcontract modern manufacturing facilities & techniques mean we are able to deliver a cost effective product and excellent service with minimal overheads and staff.

Our mission is to constantly innovate across our business model to offer the ultimate in customer satisfaction and product performance. We specialise in ground-breaking products that lower operating costs, simplify operations, increase safety, and represent a step change in standard pressure control equipment performance and expectations.

Phuel currently operate facilities in:-

Aberdeen, Scotland, Tananger, Norway and Louisiana, USA.

And we are in the process of setting up a facility in Dammam Saudi,  to enable us to fully support the kit we have already supplied into the Kingdom but also to offer full maintenance and re-certification service to our customers based there. This will be in place and operational by Q3 2016.

Our Products raise the expectation level, our whole equipment range has been developed from scratch and designed to improve operational performance, to reduce costs and where possible to increase safety. Each assembly is certified to the highest level, a level that ensures the owner, it can be used anywhere in the world without question. Phuel, as a company, do not operate different levels of quality or certification, our product range is designed, manufactured, certified and supplied to the most stringent standards.

Phuel have put in a great deal of thought and effort into the design, operation and safety of all our products. We’ve recognised the reduction of experience within the Industry in general and have tried to compensate for this by making the equipment easier and safer to build, use and maintain, we’ve recognised the costs constraints and have built in features that save operators not only money but also time. We are not offering the old ‘Bowen or Otis’ copies we are offering the most up-to-date, efficient, flexible and safety conscious equipment available and Phuel back this up with market leading Customer Service.

Phuel offer a whole range of services to the Industry, we’re not only seen as supplying the best in WPCE equipment but also best in problem solving and designing solutions, Phuel have been responsible for several products introduced and offered by other Companies.

Phuel prides itself on the after sale service we provide, we support all our products and Customers no matter where they are in the world. From initial order entry to final delivery Phuel issues a weekly update/report on all equipment orders and any major/rush spare orders. This informs the Customer how his job is progressing, letting them know what stage of production it’s reached & the planned completion date. It also provides an early warning system, identifying any delays so that remedial action can be organised if required.

Phuel put every effort to establishing strong long lasting relationships with all our Customers , we also don’t take Customers for granted, being small we react quickly, we try and offer the best in every service, we communicate progress or lack of it, we don’t hide from mistakes, nor do we hide any we do make from the market, it’s our policy to issue field bulletins detailing any problems making all Customers aware of the potential issue and the proposed rectification.

Our products, services and approach have all come from our Customers; we’ve listened to what is wanted, listened to where other suppliers fall short and have endeavoured to offer the complete package, our success has been built on this.