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The Phuel Telescopic Lubricator

Our unique Telescopic Lubricator offers 36” of adjustment in 3” increments. 

This allows the operator to make use of all available height. Many hours can be saved in coil tubing operations, flanges can be made up at the top of the rig without rigging down and spacing out again.

In event of a problem, such as a stranded line, The Lubricator can be easily and safely unlocked and disconnected above the wireline valve, allowing access to the wireline and giving the operator more options.

Down time for fishing operations can be greatly reduced.

This product affords increased flexibility whilst reducing inventory.

Continue reading here or download the Lubricator pdf.

The Phuel Dual Side Door Stripper

In response to specific client requirements, Phuel have developed a unique Dual Side Door Stripper.

Phuel Liquid Seal Stuffing Box

The most distinctive stuffing box on the market is also the safest, quickest and easiest to use, affording improved handling & minimising down time.

The Phuel Compact Safety Head

An exciting new product from Phuel - a bespoke engineering solution to a fresh customer request.