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Downhole Swivel

Down Hole Swivel Main

The Phuel Downhole Electric Swivel affords unlimited rotation of the lower part of the toolstring no matter the external pressure.

Designed for use in wireline operations to avoid rotational damage to the wire.

The Phuel Swivel is pressure compensated so that the external well pressure does not cause it to lock, ensuring that it performs even under extreme conditions.
The Swivel is filled internally with silicon oil which, when combined with a floating piston, matches the external well pressure. This ensures that there is no differential pressure across the swivel seals that would otherwise prevent rotation while downhole.

The single electrical conductor path contains no springs, to ensure that the current capacity is maximized making it particularly suitable for tractor operations.

The Electric Swivel is available with the end connections and pin configurations to suit your existing equipment.

Currently the only downhole tool offered by Phuel, we were asked to resolve a specific problem and this is the result.
It is now a tried and tested solution to operations where the cable can be damaged due to twisting or rotation.

The robust, compact design also offers greatly reduced maintenance schedules over its competitors.

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