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Lightweight Entry Guide

Lightweight Entry Guide

The Phuel Lightweight Entry Guide stops tool hangups by removing sharp angles.

Equally useful when the stack is horizontal or vertical, or when new tools are picked up from a horizontal position to be introduced to a vertical stack.

The guide allows easy entry of tools and perforating guns and reduces cable damage by eliminating sharp turns.

Benefits include reduced chance of damage to the tool string, reduced rigging time and reduced chance of trapped fingers.

Because the Phuel guide is of lightweight design it helps to reduce soft tissue or soft muscle type injury as it reduces lifting and straining required for rigging of a heavy steel or aluminium type entry guide.

Supplied with Lanyard to support easy handling & eliminate hazard of dropped objects.

Lanyards are certified to 10lbs / 4.5kgs SWL.

Equally useful with both slickline and braided line.

Key Benefits

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