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Compact Safety Head

Wireline Compact Safety Head

The Phuel Compact Safety Head is a large-bore, hydraulically-controlled wireline intervention valve intended for installation directly above the Xmas Tree during wireline intervention. 

As with all Phuel Products the valve meets the highest certification levels, including NORSOK, and it’s compact design allows for deployment through the intervention hatch cover therefore avoiding the expense of deferred production and heavy lifting operations.

Our unique cutting and movement mechanisms ensure that the wireline cables are cut cleanly without any risk of damage to the sealing function. 
A floating valve provides a barrier to well pressure, which is initially energised by the mechanism and then further energised by differential pressure. 

Note: These mechanisms do not infringe on any previously published patents.

A lower volume piston cycle also reduces the accumulator burden to comply with well safety regulations. 

Existing PCE control panels can be used to operate the valve. An automatic mechanical back up is provided to ensure the valve cannot leak if the hydraulic pressure is lost and a clear position indicator tells the operator the status of the valve.


Cutting Capabilities

All currently used Slickline and cables 

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