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Dual Side Door Stripper

Side Door Stripper Pack Off

The Phuel Side Door Stripper is a lightweight version of a standard coil tubing stripper that has been designed to support the various emerging methods of light well intervention that are becoming more popular.

It works in the same manner as the standard Coil Tubing Stripper by applying a seal or seals to the external diameter of the intervention string being stripped (run) in or out of the well.

Sometimes referred to as a ‘pack off’ or ‘stuffing box’, this tool allows easy access to the packer, primary seal and bushing elements allowing these to be easily replaced even during operations. These can be replaced with the coiled tubing still in the well when using a dual pack-off configuration.

The Stripper is used below the Injector Head and above the BOP to contain well pressures during operations. Well pressure is controlled by applying hydraulic pressure to the packing elements causing them to seal around the external diameter of the string that is being deployed or retrieved from the well.


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