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Liquid Seal Stuffing Box

Liquid Seal Stuffing Box

The Phuel Liquid Seal Stuffing Box provides a seal against well pressure barrier when operating slickline in HP/HT wells. 

The concept is similar to Grease Head operations that utilise braided cables but the slick wire geometry allows the flow tube length to be significantly reduced.

Deployed on top of the HP/HT PCE stack, the Liquid Seal Stuffing Box is made up from a conventional Phuel S-Box, combining the functionality of the standard Phuel S-Box for sealing stationary wire with a compact Flow Tube Pressure Housing offering the grease seal for the moving wire. 

The Phuel S-Box comes complete with all the Phuel standard features; Pump Out Packing, Lightweight (protected) Sheave & Saver Sub Ports (used throughout the tool). Our Pressure Housing also offers operational efficiency with designed-in Phuel features such as our internal hammer mechanism which greatly eases the assembly and separation of the tool.  

The standard Phuel Check Valve and in-flow BOP provide a ‘belt and braces’ approach in case of line breakage and protect against large fluid loss. If and when this occurs, operational grease is injected into the flow tube section through a check valve and a return port allows the waste grease to be directed to a low pressure tank. 

Gauge ports are also available if monitoring of the system is required, they can be left blank if not required. An additional chemical injection port with check valve is provided so that lubrication directly to the packing can be achieved in dry gas wells.

NOTE: Operational effectiveness of Liquid Seal Stuffing Boxes is dependent on: well pressure, Flow Tube clearance and the temperatures being experienced within the Stack. These features should determine the clearance of the Flow Tubes to be used.

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