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Modular Wireline BOP

3 Inch Blow Out Preventer

The Phuel Modular Wireline BOP combines the latest manufacturing techniques with innovative design to provide the ultimate in flexibility, practicality and performance.

Individual modules can be combined to form dual, triple, quad or quin configurations. The joining of the modules is achieved with a low height segment connection that provides safe and reliable connecting without adding any of the extra height that traditional single BOP stacking incurs.

The flexibility continues with the top and bottom connections. These are connected in the same manner as the bodies allowing you to set the assembly up exactly how you need it with Flange or Quick Unions. 

All Phuel Modular BOPs have been extensively tested and qualified. Testing has been completed in accordance with API 16A (witnessed by a third party authority) involving fatigue, temperature and functional testing including shearing and guiding of all wire sizes. The BOPs are certified to API 16A, 6A and meet the requirements of Norsok D-002. 

This level of certification provides assurance that the BOP will operate as you need expect, when you need it most. 
That is why Phuel can use the term ‘BOP’, while other manufactures who call them ‘wireline valves’ cannot provide the same assurance. 

Standard Features

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