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Purge Valve

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Phuel Purge Valve

The Purge Valve is designed to save rig time and increase the safety of operations while filling and pressure testing in gaseous environments.

The valve allows the air or gas to escape from the inside of the pressure control string while filling with fluid, which reduces the time to fill but also avoids a dangerous pressure build up that could lead to the ignition of the gas.

The valve is operated from a test pump. Hydraulic pressure is applied to open the valve to allow the air inside the string to vent while being filled. Once test fluid is observed at the vent point the hydraulic pressure is removed and the springs will close the valve to allow pressure testing and normal operations.

When bleeding down and emptying the string, the vent can be opened to allow air in and allow the fluid to be drained quickly.

The Purge Valve is designed to mount in the normal glycol injection Saver Sub point on the Phuel S-Box or the Phuel Grease Injection Head. Glycol can still be injected through the Purge Valve through the port provided.

Adapters are available to male NPT threads if not being used with Phuel equipment.


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