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Wet Centre Reels

Wet Centre Reels Main

Phuel have designed & created the first All Stainless Steel full-bore Wet Centre Reels.

The Phuel Reels have been incorporated successfully into both new and existing Pressure Control Units and provide continuous fluid supply from one or multiple connections.

Three distinct versions are available:

Incorporated Air or Hydraulic Motor
A compact stainless steel air or hydraulic motor is built into the reel hub
ensuring the maximum hose capacity within the smallest footprint.
The air motor provides a safe torque that can spool the hose but still be
stopped (motor stalled) by gripping down on the hose.

Selective Air Driven
To further reduce the footprint we can supply a version in which the air
motor is mounted on a separate support plate and can be inserted into
the chosen reel to create drive.
This not only offers the same safe operation but if supplied with the foot
pedal control option also leaves both hands free for spooling the hose.

Manual Driven
This final version includes a sealed right angled beveled gearbox to allow
the reels to be spooled by means of a hand operated crank.

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