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Servicing & Maintenance

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Phuel’s reputation has been built on Customer service and support. We offer exacting standards on our Maintenance, Servicing and Re-Certification processes, ensuring the Customer gets the service they need and expect.

As with any new component order your maintenance items are subject to our tracking and reporting system. Progress reports are issued weekly. 

Where possible we offer maintenance services in the country where the equipment is being used. This is carried out in partnership with Phuel approved agents. All work is under the supervision and authorisation of Phuel and meets our exacting standards.

Phuel also support clients in maintaining other PCE vendor's equipment. If interested please let us know your requirements and we’ll try our best to fulfil your needs.

When opportunities in any particular area are able to sustain a fully manned facility it is Phuel’s intention to set-up and man a Hub capable of supplying new fully certified product, spares and full support services. 

This is currently being done in the US at our facility in Broussard LA and in Saudi Arabia through our sister company Saudi Wells Technology in Dammam.

Phuel work to turn-around maintenance from receipt to completion in less than 8 weeks.