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Design & Manufacturing

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From conceptual design to machining, fabrication and commissioning, Phuel has the in-house expertise to deliver the engineering services and support you need.


The Phuel team offer extensive and wide-ranging knowledge along with industry proven experience covering various fields. 

This has been useful in the development and supply of our own innovative product line and advantageous in assisting our clients resolve on-going operational problems & issues. We also assist in bringing client's ideas, design concepts and product improvements to fruition.  

Phuel encourage clients to relate their issues and ideas. Listening to our client’s comments and views greatly assisted us develop our current range of products. Through close collaboration and communication we can provide the solution and service required. 

Intellectual Property (IP) remains the full property of the Client depending on the project parameters agreed prior to initiation.


Phuel also offer an extensive manufacturing knowledge and capability which is accessible to all clients. Phuel can assist in achieving cost effective production through preferential agreements with trusted suppliers.

Over the years we have built up an experience and knowledge of cost-effective means of manufacturing. This has been applied to our own products and extended to production for other companies and clients. 

Long established relationships with select suppliers means Phuel can offer very competitive rates for both material and machining whilst never sacrificing quality.